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Are You Going to Waste?

follow url You need an assistant. Yes, you need an assistant and I can prove it. Even better, I’ll help you to convince the boss you need one, too. Sound good? Okay, let’s get started. One of my Six Powers of Purpose™ … Continue reading

Закладки экстази в Заозёрном
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How to Be King of the Hill

http://www.gabeandkathy.com/pervert/kupit-kristali-v-vihorevke.html There we were, my young son Josh and I, staring at a group of experienced off-roaders. They stood among their 15 or so Jeeps of all shapes and sizes, ready to take on the steep hills, rocks and streams of … Continue reading

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Franchise Your Way to Success

see url When I die, I want my obituary to close with the following:  “The family asks that donations be sent to The Society for the Prevention of Spontaneous Human Combustion.” That should give people something to think about! This week’s thought … Continue reading

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