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How to Take Yourself to the Next Level

Recently my wife Laura convinced me to hook up the Wii again so we could do the Wii Fit exercises. Now, every night after dinner I have to go Wii. This evening we did some yoga sessions while the Wii … Continue reading

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Oh My! Passion in the Workplace!

“Real Passion in the Workplace.” “When Employee Engagement Becomes a Public Affair.” “Be Passionate to Become Sexessful.” Sorry, these article titles aren’t what I meant by “passion in the workplace.”  Passion is important in our work, but it should be passion for your work. … Continue reading

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When Socrates Was Wrong

No one ever teaches another anything. All we do is allow them to discover the truth for themselves. -attr: Socrates At first, I thought, “who am I to argue with Socrates?” Who would openly demure from such ancient wisdom? I … Continue reading

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