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Your Cute, Deadly Future

http://xyphoid.com/corny/ekstazi-v-yartseve.html The slow loris is just about as cute an animal as you ever will see. Even the name is cute! A small monkey, its soft brown hair and oversized eyes will make your knees weak and your heart throb. No. … Continue reading

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Climbing Mt. Knucklehead

http://shoperbesst.ru/osa-kupit-sneg.html I am in a state of amazement. In doing research about employee engagement, I am now more convinced than ever that engagement has stagnated among employees in this country because of one thing: knuckleheadedness. Most of what we learn from … Continue reading

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The Man with Three Legs

купить Гарик Исилькуль I know a guy with three legs. Really. Three legs. His name is Richard M. Ryan, and for many years as an academic, he’s walked around on his three legs as easily as you or I might walk around with … Continue reading

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