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Awake Your Wake

enter During the long, cold winter months of the Northeast, my mind often goes to dreams of a warm Caribbean cruise: Sunny skies, the beautiful blue ocean and ports with pristine, sandy beaches. I see myself walking alone on an unpopulated … Continue reading трамадол понижает давление

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What Did I Did?

http://ds-lastochka.ru/life/chto-vhodit-v-sostav-paratsetamola.html As employers and managers, we are taught that making people happy in their work is a key to employee engagement. It follows that asking a question of our employees, even if asked only as a mental exercise, opens the door … Continue reading

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Do You Smell?

source link As close as I live to Washington, DC, I’d never been to Arlington National Cemetery. Never, that is, until this past Memorial Day weekend. Among the many highlights of that weekend, one stands out the most. It was in the … Continue reading

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