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Tsunami: An Act of Nurture

http://thericchi.com/good/soli-spb-zakladki.html A tsunami is a beastly act of nature whose weapons are loss of life, loss of property, a loss of personal security. But is there something to be gained from a tsunami? Not in the real, environmental sense, but in … Continue reading

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Franchise Your Way to Success

follow link When I die, I want my obituary to close with the following:  “The family asks that donations be sent to The Society for the Prevention of Spontaneous Human Combustion.” That should give people something to think about! This week’s thought … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Getting High

купить косяк I had just taken off from Tampa International Airport and we began our slow, upward sweep toward the sky. With the plane banking to the right, I enjoyed a birds-eye view of the idyllic patchwork landscape. Small clouds looked like … Continue reading

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