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Your Not-So-Grand Canyon

http://www.40marks.com/moe/kokain-kupit-v-krasnodare.html As long as 70 million years ago, what we now call the mighty Colorado River began as a tiny stream. Over millennia of shifting earth and eroding soil, this stream grew to become the mighty river we know today. With … Continue reading

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You Have No Future

http://klvrt.ru/life/kak-sdelat-keksi-s-marihuanoy.html Think of a strawberry. Round, red and ripe. The surface is firm, and covered with myriad, flaxen-colored seeds. Can you count them? While studying this dew-kissed tongue-teasing tart, you notice the simplicity, and the complexity, of the regimented rows of … Continue reading

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The Power of Spirituality

порох купить в екатеринбурге Look, I’m no psychiatrist, but I am about to save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in professional fees, right now. We’re going to skip over the search for the mysterious deep-seated reasons you don’t take care of yourself, … Continue reading

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