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The Sad Truth About Happiness

Купить Анашу Чкаловск Happiness. Everyone, including me, wants happiness. Once our basic needs for nourishment, shelter and clothing are met, happiness is the next natural desire. But now I’m not so sure that happiness is the right goal. And in the next few … Continue reading

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You Have No Future

купить Ляпка Новосиль Think of a strawberry. Round, red and ripe. The surface is firm, and covered with myriad, flaxen-colored seeds. Can you count them? While studying this dew-kissed tongue-teasing tart, you notice the simplicity, and the complexity, of the regimented rows of … Continue reading

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Spiritual, Not Religious

http://stufftons.ru/borzya-kupit-iney.html John Lennon once urged us to imagine how our lives would be with no religion. Today we don’t have to imagine it, because the answer is clear: we would be less happy. For users of Facebook and numerous other social … Continue reading

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