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I Love Lucy

http://investmentmanagement-goldeneagle.com/disqus/18-metodi-obrabotki-ekonomicheskoy-informatsii-osnovani-na.html методы обработки экономической информации основаны на Here’s a completely useless, yet, fascinating bit of trivia. It’s about the term, “acronym.” The word comes from the Greek, and like so many words, it is a conjugation. In this case, the prefix comes from the term, “akron” meaning … Continue reading

http://blog.nicholasmusic.com/disqusion/6-rodina-v-stihah-esenina.html родина в стихах есенина
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Law? P’shaw!

характеристика вектора магнитной индукции I like a good mystery, but this one is just plain dumb. Don’t you expect that when researchers study a given topic over many years, one should find similar or common conclusions among their studies? Typically, we do. But it’s … Continue reading

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Titanic Ego

http://fourtecsolution.com/disqus/prikazza-schet-pribili-obrazets.html  (April 14, 1912) “We are perfectly satisfied that the Titanic is unsinkable. We are absolutely certain that she is able to withstand any damage.” Mr. Philip Franklin, Vice-President of the International Mercantile Marine. One feel-good aspect of being a business … Continue reading

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