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You Are Much Cooler Than You Think

http://boulderhomesnd.com/good/kupit-sk-armavir.html I’m funny. I have a quick wit. I am an excellent and creative problem solver. I help people gain clarity about their lives. I exude confidence. And I am also extremely humble, thank you. At this point, you’ve probably labeled … Continue reading

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Instant Charisma

http://www.bogk.ru/life/kupit-geroin-po-zakladke.html Guess what? If you don’t have any charisma, you can now go and get yourself some! Who doesn’t want to walk into a room and have all the heads turn. “Hey, that’s… you know… that guy!” Or, “Oh yeah! She’s … Continue reading

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Breaking “The Law of Distraction”

http://thecontentshed.com/like/kupit-gashish-v-spbe.html Are you vibrating? I mean right now…are you vibrating? A few years ago, Jerry and Esther Hicks wrote what they call, “The Law of Attraction”. In short, their concept is that everything in the universe is energy. This includes us, … Continue reading

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