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Are You Wearing a Kryptonite Necklace?

go site We have everything we need to make progress: books, CD training, DVD training, podcasts, magazines, e-zines, blogs, video blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds and webinars. I mean really, a person with a 5th grade reading level could practically get a PhD … Continue reading

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Change Your World in 66 Days

семена конопли ак купить It turns out that the old maxim of forming a new habit in 30 days was wrong all along. It takes twice as long.  And some habits can take 8 times as long to change! Rats. At a recent National … Continue reading

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How to Be Attractive in 4 Easy Steps

http://teecray.com/good/kupit-skorost-v-sochi.html Does this dress make my butt look fat? Am I tall enough? My nose is too big. My breasts are too small. If only I could look like him/her… What a horrible existence we live when we focus on outward … Continue reading

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