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Be a Screw-up

сайт закладок соли краснодар Years ago when I was in broadcasting, I was the Program and Music Director for a couple of radio stations in a medium-sized market. And I was stupid. Well at least I thought I was. At the beginning of my … Continue reading

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http://test.vanzherke.ru/race/kupit-fen-spb-zakladki.html Today the finches died. I don’t know what happened, but the nest of baby birds is empty and they all lie dead on our porch. As I write this, the mama and papa finches are in a panic, twittering away … Continue reading

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Who Cares What You Want?

соликокс купить в москве Who cares about what you want? I mean, really. Who cares? When most of us look forward, we want positive change. But when we eventually look back, we often find not much has changed. That’s not what we want. What … Continue reading

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