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How to Save 720 Million Dollars

click Can you imagine spending $720 million to solve a business challenge, only to find almost no return on your investment? A recent report by Bersin & Associates¹ shows that organizations spend this much annually to find ways to improve employee … Continue reading

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Don’t Break the Engagement

http://renaltenergy.in/good/spays-v-kaluge-kupit.html Vision, mission, goals, objectives, engagement. This is a story of when it all went horribly wrong. Get a tissue. Ever since college, Huang had a strong vision of his future. His dream wasn’t at all atypical, but to him it … Continue reading

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Sex + Drugs = Rock ‘n Roll in the Workplace

где купить спайс закладки Breast-feeding can increase good relationships in the office. So can touching. So can hugging. What?! He said WHAT?!!! Look,before jumping to conclusions, you’d better read on. Just be aware that I am not responsible for how you utilize this information. … Continue reading

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