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Real Lationships

купить семена кактуса сан педро I’m going to share something with you right now that makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because I worry that what I’m about to tell you might not have the impact I hope it will have. It’s kind of … Continue reading

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Verbal Jiu Jitsu

http://chile.com.tw/moe/skorosti-zakladkami.html So a Democrat, a Socialist and a Republican walk into a bar. The bartender says, “This isn’t a joke, I’m just testing to see how many readers become indignant at the mere mention of politics.” Diversity in the workplace is … Continue reading

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Give Up or Get Up

http://www.silicon-prairie.fr/fan/kupit-lsd-televizor-32-dyuyma.html There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of reasons you may never succeed in the world of business. The odds are definitely against you. Here are a few reasons why: You might fail because: You are not attractive. You are over 55 … Continue reading

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