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Stop Starting

http://www.actividadesescolares.es/dirt/220.html However you start your day, stop it. What is the very first thing you do when you get into the office? Study the daily reports? Check your calendar and email? Maybe you catch up on the news, or make a … Continue reading

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Care-Less Decisions

enter site I like decision-making, especially for my businesses. I enjoy the thinking processes of research and discussion, of pitting pros against cons. There’s something about the risk that is compelling to me as well. Not everyone feels that way, and some … Continue reading

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What Teenagers Can Teach Us About Success

Купить марихуана Краснозаводск Why do adolescents take part in such risky behavior?  There’s a simple answer that may very well affect your own success. Adolescents are known for underage drinking, smoking, and not wearing seat belts. They drive too fast.  They don’t think … Continue reading

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