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What Teenagers Can Teach Us About Success

get link Why do adolescents take part in such risky behavior?  There’s a simple answer that may very well affect your own success. Adolescents are known for underage drinking, smoking, and not wearing seat belts. They drive too fast.  They don’t think … Continue reading

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How to Make The Right Decision, Every Time

плюха на сигарете A cousin of mine recently stopped by my office. It was a surprise and a welcome visit from someone I don’t see very often. But it was something she said – almost an aside – that changed my thinking… about … Continue reading

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Breaking “The Law of Distraction”

go site Are you vibrating? I mean right now…are you vibrating? A few years ago, Jerry and Esther Hicks wrote what they call, “The Law of Attraction”. In short, their concept is that everything in the universe is energy. This includes us, … Continue reading

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