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Just Like Riding a Bike

Краснотурьинск купить Снег Laura and I moved to a new home when our children were small. It was the perfect place to learn to ride a bike. The flat driveway led to a gentle slope in our grassy back yard. Son Josh was … Continue reading

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Titanic Ego

купить Порох Зверево  (April 14, 1912) “We are perfectly satisfied that the Titanic is unsinkable. We are absolutely certain that she is able to withstand any damage.” Mr. Philip Franklin, Vice-President of the International Mercantile Marine. One feel-good aspect of being a business … Continue reading

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Care-Less Decisions

Купить закладки героин в Шимановске I like decision-making, especially for my businesses. I enjoy the thinking processes of research and discussion, of pitting pros against cons. There’s something about the risk that is compelling to me as well. Not everyone feels that way, and some … Continue reading

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