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Trust Thrust

купить спайс в павлодаре A couple of years ago, my wife Laura and I were in Toronto visiting some very good friends there. When they invited us to a go-kart track, I was thrilled. I love the feeling of pushing limits, of being as … Continue reading

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Who Cares What You Want?

лигалайз в украине Who cares about what you want? I mean, really. Who cares? When most of us look forward, we want positive change. But when we eventually look back, we often find not much has changed. That’s not what we want. What … Continue reading

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I Hate Hate Today I have for you a love letter about hate. “Is that possible?” you may ask. It is. And it’s important because the affliction affects all of us. It takes the civility out of civilization. It takes the unity out … Continue reading

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