Real Lationships

angreeeeeeeI’m going to share something with you right now that makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because I worry that what I’m about to tell you might not have the impact I hope it will have. It’s kind of like me recommending a wonderful restaurant, telling you how incredible it is, then finding you were not at all impressed. To be sure, this concern is my pride speaking, but what I must communicate to you is critically important to me.

It is my hope you will find it to be of great value for yourself as well.

Perhaps the most important thing in our lives is relationships. Mess up your relationships and you have nothing. If you die without hitting that big goal, starting the new business or knocking that last item off your bucket list, who cares? You probably won’t. But research Continue reading

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A Value Preposition

Value = ConfidenceThe proper use of the English language is an art. Some people have the ability to create beautiful works in prose and poetry using the same words with which another might cause confusion or offense. Words can be like oxygen, raising the human spirit. They can also be like blowing an air horn in the middle of a beautiful symphony. (Personally, I think that would be pretty cool, but you know what I mean.)

There are rules in the use of language just as there are in writing music or in painting. But some artists break the rules purposefully in order to communicate their messages in better ways. Continue reading

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Law? P’shaw!

followtherulesI like a good mystery, but this one is just plain dumb. Don’t you expect that when researchers study a given topic over many years, one should find similar or common conclusions among their studies? Typically, we do. But it’s not so with business research on employee engagement. After decades of research and study, there are still hundreds of suggestions and ideas, each one being put forth as important as another. It is indeed mysterious.

How can there be so many different “Top 10” keys to increasing employee engagement? Why are all of these lists so very different? How does one determine which ideas to utilize? Continue reading

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