see T-Rex вычислите значение выражения ctg “Find a need and fill it.” To entrepreneurs, that’s a key to continued growth. Whether you bring a new product or service to market, or improve one that already exists, “look for the pain,” they say, “and provide the customer with a solution.”

This is how we’ve been taught to beat the competition, but it’s as old and dry an adage as you’ll find. Filling or creating needs isn’t the best approach anymore. I know that may sound like heresy to you, but heresy is exactly Continue reading

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The Path to Wisdom

wisdom http://lp.reconsalt.ru/uploaded/kia-tserato-skolko-freona.html Know this: You cannot find wisdom. Wisdom finds you.

Sound pretentious? It does. But don’t jump to any conclusions just yet, because in a few moments, you’ll understand the importance of this aphorism. One can search around the world, but will never discover wisdom. Wisdom happens. It appears. Atsome times it makes itself known in an instant. At others, wisdom floats to you like seeds of a dandelion. You must wait. But when you wait, wisdom will find you. Continue reading

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I Love Lucy

Lucy http://www.strahovanie61.ru/projects/pitanie-pri-meteorizme-kishechnika-i-zapore.html Here’s a completely useless, yet, fascinating bit of trivia. It’s about the term, “acronym.” The word comes from the Greek, and like so many words, it is a conjugation. In this case, the prefix comes from the term, “akron” meaning tip, or end. “Nym” is a shortened form of the term, “onuma,” name. The combination of these two creates the expression, “akronuma,” or, as we say it today, acronym. An acronym uses the “tip,” or first letter of a list of terms. And often, these acronyms form a word we already know.

There are more than a few acronyms that have proven useful to businesspeople over the Continue reading

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