Tell me more about your topic. My topic is what I call The Six Powers of Purpose™ (more here.) The main thrust is that enter our traditional methods for making progress are so outdated that their application actually impedes our progress. The world has changed, and in these times of freak-me-out economic distress, new methods are necessary to meet the new challenges.

купить Кокаин Медвежьегорск Organizations don’t have the cash, the capital or even the stamina to make effective change. They have enough trouble just holding things together. Everyone is under pressure to produce and perform to limits that drain their energy, interest, and even loyalty to an organization. We’re going to ask them to do more? Yeah, right.

Wildberries Калининград Тициана Терензи Экстази каталог товаров My presentation will help to bring your organization’s employees in line with your vision, so that everyone is more engaged, productive, and ultimately, more profitable. Some people call the process “engagement.” But it’s much bigger than that. I call it “purpose.”

enter site I help people discover their own purpose. Then I lead organizations to find the intersection between the purpose of the individual and the purpose of the organization. At that intersection there is a volcano of engagement, motivation, energy and momentum. It won’t be found in raises, benefits, some motivational speaker or at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels. The catalyst is found in only one place: the individual. That’s where I start, and that’s what drives organizations forward. It’s why people hire me.

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