My topic is what I call The Six Powers of Purpose™ (more here.) The main thrust is that our traditional methods for making progress are so outdated that their application actually impedes our progress. The world has changed, and in these times of freak-me-out economic distress, new methods are necessary to meet the new challenges.

Organizations don't have the cash, the capital or even the stamina to make effective change. They have enough trouble just holding things together. Everyone is under pressure to produce and perform to limits that drain their energy, interest, and even loyalty to an organization. We're going to ask them to do more? Yeah, right.

My presentation will help to bring your organization's employees in line with your vision, so that everyone is more engaged, productive, and ultimately, more profitable. Some people call the process "engagement." But it's much bigger than that. I call it "purpose."

I help people discover their own purpose. Then I lead organizations to find the intersection between the purpose of the individual and the purpose of the organization. At that intersection there is a volcano of engagement, motivation, energy and momentum. It won't be found in raises, benefits, some motivational speaker or at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels. The catalyst is found in only one place: the individual. That's where I start, and that's what drives organizations forward. It's why people hire me.

Well, first of all, I'm not just a speaker. I'm a business owner. I own numerous businesses and know what people deal with on a daily basis. My teaching isn't theoretical, it's practical. Even more, it's practiced in my own businesses. Unlike a lot of speakers, I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk right along with the people in my audiences.

You'll find everything you need to get started right here: Hire Jeffrey » Biographical information, a general introduction, signing agreement, pictures, and even ideas about how to make yours a memorable event.

I don't consider it my job to simply stand up and make a presentation. My job is to help organizations meet their objectives. There's a big difference. I do my best work when I know what it is you want to accomplish, what your goals are, what you wish to achieve by having your event. I don't get paid to speak. I get paid to help organizations meet their objectives. When I've done that, it's more than personalized. It becomes a part of your future.

That's a great question. I'm glad you clicked on it!

There's no value unless something changes. And as I say, "if you want something to change, you've got to change something." Participants come away with a greater appreciation of their own talents and abilities, a stronger respect for the talents - and differences - of others, and a totally new perspective of what drives them to excel.

When an organization - even one individual within an organization - understands these new principles of engagement and purpose, their world changes around them. They connect with others in ways they never thought possible. They help themselves and others to realize much more of their capacity. Relationships are deepened and a new level of trust is established. They are not as stressed, and life becomes much less complex.

The Six Powers of Purpose™ is a simple and effective means for creating change that starts with the individual and spreads throughout the organization. Easy to learn. Simple to implement. Dynamic in its results. Are people changed? Oh yes; not only they, but everyone with whom they come in contact.

I use four methods to make my messages "stick":

  • Engaging the audience. I work hard to engage the audience with facts as well as with fun, keeping them attentive, interested and mentally involved
  • Stories and analogies. These make my points memorable long after the event is over. Additionally, the teaching can be transferred easily to others back at the office
  • Tools, workbooks and takeaways. It is my goal to affect people when they return to their lives and their work. They need tools they can use immediately: ones that won't end up on the shelf
  • Accessibility. I like to find ways to be available following my presentations for follow-up support either in person or online

Read more here about how to keep everyone engaged after the event.

Oh, that's really easy. I strongly suggest that you consider sending an email to everyone ahead of time to get them excited. I'll provide you with suggested text. I'll also offer some links that will help them become oriented with the new teaching even before they arrive.

Membership organizations will find that this helps to increase interest, excitement and best of all, attendance.

There are other ways to involve everyone before the event. You and I will work on an easy, free and effective plan that works for you.

Communication and support after events is really important. Most people don't even think about it... but YOU did! It takes about 66 days for good habits to become ingrained (not the mythical 28 days) so weekly contact is very helpful.

Depending on needs, I can do on-site training for individuals or teams. Skype is often a good - and inexpensive - option for maintenance programs to keep people sharp and accountable.

Participants can always interact for free at my blog, or drop me an email. Also they can read up on new articles and follow fresh links of timely and insightful information from many different sources. My monthly newsletter is a must. We can send it out to everyone on your list if you like, or individuals can sign up right here.

Twitter is a great way to keep everything top of mind; I provide pleasant nudges, inspiration, new thinking and constant reminders. An email to your constituents with this link can get them oriented before a presentation and help them to remain connected afterward.

You and I can build pre-event and follow-up plans that suit your specific needs.

I love speaking to almost any group, because my message is as applicable to the individual as it is to an organization. I gear the presentation to your audience, though, so if yours is a corporation, an association, or membership organization, I simply adjust the presentation for their ears. I often wear clothes, too.

Okay, I was kidding about the clothes. I almost always wear them. ;)

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