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A Punch in the Face The bank called your loan. Your supplier cut you off. The IRS found a mountain in a little mole hill.  If you’ve not had the pleasure of dealing with a real catastrophe like one of these, you’re not an entrepreneur. … Continue reading Posted in 4. The Power of Relationship, Uncategorized click here | Купить Кристалы в Владивостоке source Tagged , , , , , , купить Хмурь Калтан | Leave a comment

Condem-Nation As I write these words, the United States Congress has hit a new low in the approval ratings of “we the people.” Recent studies show the country’s approval of Congress averaging only eleven percent! The nation’s disenchantment could hardly get … Continue reading
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What Did I Did?

Купить Гари Гарисон Чаплыгин As employers and managers, we are taught that making people happy in their work is a key to employee engagement. It follows that asking a question of our employees, even if asked only as a mental exercise, opens the door … Continue reading
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