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Give Up or Get Up

любить давно стих There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of reasons you may never succeed in the world of business. The odds are definitely against you. Here are a few reasons why: You might fail because: You are not attractive. You are over 55 … Continue reading как открыть магазин автозапчастей в беларуси → чери s18d каталог запчастей
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The Five Coins

познакомлюсь с д There’s an amazing power dwelling within you I’ll bet you didn’t know you have. It’s the power to refabricate the world in which you live. Let me emphasize what this means. I’m saying that it’s within your power to redesign, … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Par-fect

история старой игрушки I’m not a golfer, and there’s good reason for this: When I go out to play 18 holes with friends, I need to take a bucket of balls along in hopes I’ll have one or two left by the end … Continue reading

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