The world has changed, and it’s time to smash your long-held philosophies about progress and motivation. They’re broken. They don’t work. Now is the time to breathe some fresh air into the century-old, outmoded methods about progress.

My newest program, The Six Powers of Purpose™ does just that. It recalibrates the speedometer of growth planning. It’s fun. It’s thought-provoking. And often, it’s life-changing. I’m serious about that.

Participants learn to:

  • discover a new future they could never have pictured
  • develop employee engagement: the critical intersection between company and employee purposes
  • discover employee strengths that will engage them in their work
  • stop worrying about employee retention — once and forever
  • reduce race, culture and gender friction in the workplace
  • develop relationships that turn time into profitability

My method provides the audience with these solutions, and a simple tool to bring change back to the office with them.

Participants leave with 1) a whole new perspective of themselves and the people around them, 2) powerful and new techniques for making progress and engaging with others, 2) a tool to help keep their learning top-of-mind and actionable, 4) renewed hope for making change in their lives and in the organization.

Read more about The Six Powers of Purpose here, then contact me right away to discuss your upcoming event needs. Contact Jeffrey »

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