How can I keep my people on track well after the event is over?

Communication and support after events is really important. Most people don’t even think about it… but YOU did! It takes about 66 days for good habits to become ingrained (not the mythical 28 days) so weekly contact is very helpful.

Depending on needs, I can do on-site training for individuals or teams. Skype is often a good – and inexpensive – option for maintenance programs to keep people sharp and accountable.

Participants can always interact for free at my blog, or drop me an email. Also they can read up on new articles and follow fresh links of timely and insightful information from many different sources. My monthly newsletter is a must. We can send it out to everyone on your list if you like, or individuals can sign up right here.

Twitter is a great way to keep everything top of mind; I provide pleasant nudges, inspiration, new thinking and constant reminders. An email to your constituents with this link can get them oriented before a presentation and help them to remain connected afterward.

You and I can build pre-event and follow-up plans that suit your specific needs.

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