The Path to Wisdom

source site wisdom Know this: You cannot find wisdom. Wisdom finds you. Sound pretentious? It does. But don’t jump to any conclusions just yet, because in a few moments, you’ll understand the importance of this aphorism. One can search around the world, but will never discover wisdom. Wisdom happens. It appears. Atsome times it makes itself known in an instant. At others, wisdom floats to you like seeds of a dandelion. You must wait. But when you wait, wisdom will find you.

go site The wisest businesspeople on the planet know this secret, and they know how to employ it properly. Follow me now, as I explain how it works.

go To start, I’m going to give you brief definitions of three terms: Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom. The first term deals with facts. Information is nothing more than an agglomeration of related pieces of data, provided in a useful form. Let’s say there is a room full of myriad different objects (facts or data). I select two that could be useful to me: A rock and a walnut.

go to site The second, knowledge, deals with the application of that information. For example, I might use the rock to crush the walnut so I could enjoy its fruits. The third term, wisdom, supplements knowledge. Wisdom is the result of adding two important elements to knowledge: The elements of experience and good judgment.


“Information” is seeing the rock and the walnut.
“Knowledge” is using the rock to crack open the walnut.
“Wisdom”… is not getting your fingers in the way.

There’s something unique about wisdom. Unlike information and knowledge which come from without, wisdom blossoms from within. Your personal experiences and judgment saturate the other two elements, creating something new, something much greater than the sum of its parts. And this is why you don’t find wisdom; it finds you.

So now the question arises: “How can I help wisdom to find me?” My friend, you’ve already experienced the answer.

Wisdom finds us most frequently when we do nothing. In the shower. At the beach. In nature. In prayer. In solitude. These are the places where wisdom finds us. The results of wisdom are powerful indeed, but wisdom itself is quiet. Its voice is fragile. Its presence, delicate. Wisdom cannot find you in the din of your daily routine. Wisdom can find you only in a time and place where you can hear – and attend to – its voice.

The most successful businesspeople on the planet will tell you that to gain wisdom, you must stop seeking it: Wait for it to find you. Your mind and your body must be prepared to hear its powerful, quiet voice. Be still. Get away. Purposefully disconnect. Take time. Create a welcoming environment for wisdom to find you. Then wait. Listen.

Get away physically. Escape far away mentally. This is where you will hear its voice.

It is the wise businessperson who knows how to wait upon wisdom.

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