Awake Your Wake

Скорость a-PVP в Когалыме Life planning During the long, cold winter months of the Northeast, my mind often goes to dreams of a warm Caribbean cruise: Sunny skies, the beautiful blue ocean and ports with pristine, sandy beaches.

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Чериков купить cocaine I see myself walking alone on an unpopulated deck high up near the prow of the ship. The vast and quiet waters of the Atlantic lie before me: The sun sparkles off every wave. My open shirt blows gently in the wind, and like incense, the aroma of my cigar wafts in and out of my awareness as I lean into the breeze. I’m dreaming of the places I’ll go.

follow site Dreaming of the future is an important part of who we are. Looking ahead helps to direct our futures – not only for our businesses, but also for our own, personal prospects. This is where many of us seek our joy and ways by which we might add meaning to our lives.

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Купить mdma в Павлово Philosophers will tell you the best way to create meaning is to seek ways to change who you are and how you relate to the world around you. Their prescriptions typically involve significant introspection, analysis of the future and what kind of person you want to become. In short, to create greater meaning in your future, you’ll need to change.

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Приёмка барыгmp4, Видео, Смотреть онлайн It’s hard to argue with such a strongly imbedded part of our culture, so I won’t try. But I do want you to think about one thing most of these gurus forget. It’s not about your future. It’s about your past… where you’ve been.

Прокопьевск купить Кока To make this clear, let’s walk around to the rear of my cruise liner for a moment. Take a look at the trail the ship leaves behind us. It’s the ship’s wake, and it goes on as far as we can see.

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Закладки трамадол вРтищеве If it is true that history is the best indicator of the future, then your own ship’s wake holds many secrets you should consider. Look back at your life to find meaning for your future. For example, when have you had the greatest positive impact on others? With whom have you enjoyed the best relationships, and why? Where have you found your greatest joys? What is it about you that attracts your friends and acquaintances? My friend, it is in your wake that you will find the direction you need for your planning. Look to your life’s wake to find the gems you wish to replicate in your future. These are the gems that will continue to bring meaning as your life’s ship moves forward. You see, I disagree with the accepted myths about planning one’s future. A compelling future doesn’t demand that you change, but that you become more of who you already are.

Кемерово купить кокс It is not necessary to redesign a future you think you should live. Look to your wake. That is where you will find the meaning that will propel your ship as you cruise comfortably into your most meaningful future.

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