Real Lationships

get link Болотное купить крек angreeeeeeeI’m going to share something with you right now that makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because I worry that what I’m about to tell you might not have the impact I hope it will have. It’s kind of like me recommending a wonderful restaurant, telling you how incredible it is, then finding you were not at all impressed. To be sure, this concern is my pride speaking, but what I must communicate to you is critically important to me. It is my hope you will find it to be of great value for yourself as well. Perhaps the most important thing in our lives is relationships. Mess up your relationships and you have nothing. If you die without hitting that big goal, starting the new business or knocking that last item off your bucket list, who cares? You probably won’t. But research shows that if you shuffle off this mortal coil with relationship regrets, regret is the last thing you’ll have. Perhaps you’re asking what this has to do with your business. Everything. It has everything to do with your business. And if you want to succeed, the sure foundation and future of your organization will always be based on relationships. Good relationships or bad, these are the gatekeepers to your success, however you define it. In organizations of all sizes, we find ourselves rubbing elbows with people who seem strange to us. The cause of friction might be culture, a form of dress, or a religious or political preference, but it’s a real challenge and it’s up to you to bring unity. At a time when our world seems like it’s falling apart, we need more people like you who want relationships to get better. And while I don’t have all the answers, I have a place to start. The place to start building relationships is not by trying to change others, but by changing how we relate to them. For some reason, we humans have a yearning to “fix” the other person even though we know deep down that doing so only creates more friction. We can change relationships when we fix the ways in which we respond to others. Here are a few maxims that will help protect your good relationships while reducing chances of friction in new relationships: • Your arguments will not change people: Let your actions be their guide.
• It is not within your power to change people: They must wish to change.
• At times you may wish to judge others: Even if you do, never act like a judge.
• Picture yourself above the fray: do not be a part of it.
• When you marginalize “problem” people, you become the problem.
• When you express hate, you become hate. When you express love, you become love. Within your organization and without, you are the only agent of change you control. Remember that the relationships you build today will bring the success you desire for tomorrow.

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