Law? P’shaw!

followtherulesI like a good mystery, but this one is just plain dumb. Don’t you expect that when researchers study a given topic over many years, one should find similar or common conclusions among their studies? Typically, we do. But it’s not so with business research on employee engagement. After decades of research and study, there are still hundreds of suggestions and ideas, each one being put forth as important as another. It is indeed mysterious.

How can there be so many different “Top 10” keys to increasing employee engagement? Why are all of these lists so very different? How does one determine which ideas to utilize?

As much as I want to, I’m not going to create my own, unique list for you. I’m not going to sort and sample myriad ideas and offer the most common denominators. But I can give you something that is even more helpful. It’s not my idea, either. It’s an idea from a book that was written thousands of years ago.

Many of the Jewish faith recognize an ancient list of commandments, or Mitzvot, that gives clarity of purpose to people of that faith. The rules are as numerous and varied as are the ideas for increasing employee engagement. How many? Most rabbinical scholars list 613 commandments. Yep, 613. (And I have trouble remembering The Big Ten!)

Amazingly, there’s a way to apply these rules without remembering, or even utilizing each and every one. You see, amongst all of the world’s great gurus and guides of humanity, one person has tackled this very problem. And you can, too.

Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. He grew up studying, learning and teaching this Jewish law. But Jesus made a way for his followers to employ all of these laws without tripping over their vast number. Here was his stated solution. It’s one you already know:

“Love God. Love your neighbor.”

He was able to sum up the entirety of the law in these few words. If one followed this simple message, all of the law would be satisfied.

And so let’s move back to our challenge of building employee engagement using this same concept. I don’t know if there’s a there a way to condense the hundreds of employee engagement rules into as few words, but I can provide you with a method that will help you achieve the same end. Employ this list and you won’t need all the rules:

1. Have one mission.
2. Have one message.
3. Know people’s needs.
4. Serve those needs.
5. Keep moving.

These aren’t Jesus’ words, but they are a simple representation of how he lived out all of those rules, the Mitzvot. And remember, this method engaged the entire world!

I hope you’ll think about this method and utilize it in your own work, as it can direct your every step and help to build your organization. I’ve seen it work in my businesses and I know it will work for you, too.

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