Your Time to Wave Goodbye

There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for some time, now. I haven’t brought it up before because I don’t like talking about this subject, especially to you. It’s particularly hard for me because I wish only to be a source of inspiration, of motivation and encouragement. But what I am compelled to tell you about today is knowing when to quit.

I love the ocean. I have always loved watching the surf roll in and wet-crash on smooth sand. And there’s that soft and refreshing spray that falls gently, cooling my hot skin.

Big waves have always been a favorite, too. They come bubbling and blundering toward shore, and – as exhausting as it is – I love to fight my way through them. I set my feet in the sand and turn with my shoulder toward the sea. Sometimes I can remain standing through the pulverizing waves. At other times I’m thrown to the sand. There is joy in fighting those huge waves, but it is exceptionally exhausting.

I learned an interesting lesson at a family reunion years ago. Being a fighter by nature, I was so focused on battling and swimming through the waves I never realized I had an option that wouldn’t sap all of my energy. Standing chest high in the water, I looked to
my right. As a huge wave came at us, my brother David held his breath, ducked under water and waited for the wave to pass. Rather than fight through it, he simply got out of the way as the hammer of water passed silently over his head. Why hadn’t I ever thought of that?!

Fighting to keep one’s head above water in business is in the entrepreneur’s blood. We are built to fight through all odds to bring our dreams to fruition. But there are times when dropping below the tumbling surf, out of the fray, can be the best option.

What I mean to say is, sometimes it’s just time to quit.

But here’s the thing: If that time comes – as it does to the greatest percentage of business owners – it’s not the end. In fact, when you pop your head up again after the passing threat, you can relax, clear your head, and make plans for your next adventure. You don’t always have to fight.

When that big threat comes, and one day it will, you’ll have a decision to make. Do you have the resources and temerity to fight off another wave, or is it time to quit, duck below and come back up in calmer waters? You can fight until exhausted and be crushed into the surf or choose to get out of the way… to take a deep breath and make other plans.

Maybe it’s time to wave goodbye. Remember, you’d be making a choice not to get crushed. Quitting – yes, quitting – can sometimes be the best choice! You can choose to come back another day, another beach, another plan.

And I’ll look forward to your success.

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