Titanic Ego

http://goodheptert.ru/sahl-hashish-kupit-uskoritel.html Titanic Ring  Купить методон в Челябинске (April 14, 1912) “We are perfectly satisfied that the Titanic is unsinkable. We are absolutely certain that she is able to withstand any damage.” Mr. Philip Franklin, Vice-President of the International Mercantile Marine.

Купить Амфетамин в Баймак One feel-good aspect of being a business owner is that everyone comes to me for the answers.  “Yeah, baby, I’m the boss and people just can’t get along without me.” Or in the words of comedic genius Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the king!”

Купить закладки стаф в Бирюче You know how it feels. You have confidence. You have experience. You’ve hired and fired. You’ve overcome challenging circumstances and avoided some dangerous pitfalls. People seek you out for your insights, and there’s no question: When they come to you for answers, it feeds your ego.

And that’s a dangerous thing, indeed.

It’s dangerous for many reasons, but it can do irreparable damage to a business. The ego is insidious, and when well fed, it can blind leadership. The more one is filled with conceit, the more fragile the vessel. New wisdom is eschewed and the mind looks inward, not outward, for answers.

click here One thing is certain: Reason diminishes as the ego swells.

(April 14, 1912) Mesaba to Titanic, ship to ship warning: “Ice report… saw much heavy pack ice and great number large icebergs also field ice.”

We are all susceptible, but the higher a person moves in an organization, the more dangerous self-deception becomes. This is because decisions made at higher levels more greatly affect the organization’s course. Entrepreneurs, business owners, C-level managers and outside consultants are perhaps the most easily ensnared. Bad results are much more difficult to reverse at these high levels. And sometimes, as in the Titanic disaster, a change of course comes too late to save the ship.

(April 15, 1912, 12:26 AM) “We have collision with iceberg. Sinking.” John G. Phillips, Titanic radio officer.

Is it true that you, yourself, are the most experienced, the most qualified, and the greatest motivational force in your organization to drive it forward? You may well be. But once a parasite of egotism takes hold, you might as well abandon ship.

(April 16, 1912) “Titanic Sinks. 1500 Die.” Newspaper headline.

But there is a lifeboat. Unlike the Titanic disaster, it will give you enough room for everyone on board.

Here’s how to save the ship. Stop being the owner, the manager, the consultant. Stop giving the answers… and start asking questions of your employees. When people come to you for answers, reflect their questions right back. Make them think. Ask them to develop their own solutions. This does two important things for you: It starves the parasite of your own ego as it encourages and motivates your employees.  The entirety of your organization is strengthened. In the process, you, yourself, become protected from unpredictable influences outside of your company where you might have otherwise caused internal damage.

An iceberg of ego could cause a Titanic loss. But you already had a sinking feeling I’d say that, right?

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