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Belief SystemsIt will come as no surprise to you that one of the greatest impediments to the success of entrepreneurs is entrepreneurs themselves. While we may often blame the economy, politics, or the people and organizations with whom we choose to work, the only thing that is truly within our control is we, ourselves.

I know that the greatest challenge to my continued success… is me. It hurts me to do this, but I need to stick my finger into your chest and tell you that the single greatest player in the achievement of your continued success… is you.

Let’s step back and unpack this for a moment. The University of Giessen, Germany, recently showed that a strong belief in one’s abilities to overcome difficult circumstances correlates highly with success. But for many of us – perhaps most – a belief in self is constantly undermined with negative thinking. As positives and negatives cancel each other out, the solution is to find a way to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, negative self-talk. Here’s one way to think about it:

I recently lost an important capability on my PC. It turned out that a major software update was the culprit. Remnants of the older version of the updated program were left behind, causing my PC to think that two versions were running at the same time. It crashed because there was a conflict between the old and new versions of the software. The older version had remnants of errors and bugs that conflicted with the new, cleaner version.

The solution was to uninstall both versions and reinstall the newest software alone. In this way there could be no conflict between the new and the old. It solved the problem immediately.

This conflict is not unique to computers. As entrepreneurs, we come with our own software. We, too, can end up with a complex mess of two versions of ourselves that conflict with each other. The older version has remnants of errors we’ve made in the past, reminding us of our failures. The other, newer, cleaner version has no such baggage. These two versions simply are not compatible.

Your older software has a memory of every keystroke you’ve ever made and it is programmed to access it all. Only a completely new version can operate without cobwebs of the past.

If it is true that we are our own greatest obstacle to success, we need to do something with our old software. Our brains don’t come with a “Delete” button, but we still have logic. When your software reminds you of your failures, consciously overwrite those old files with new, clean information of your successes. This logic is a “Hey, wait a minute” that combats the ugly remnants of your past.

The greatest impediment to your success may well be found in your internal software. A “bug fix” is to overwrite each and every negative thought with the new software of positive affirmations.

Don’t let old software get in the way of your success.

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