Fort Bragg Brag Fort Bragg купить Метамфетамин Губаха I never expected iron oxide, or rust, to teach me such an amazing lesson about corporate culture. If you’ve ever wondered how to create a more positive and productive atmosphere in your organization, what I learned from rust could help you immensely.

source link I’d just graduated from college after a two-year ROTC deferment. Army boot camp was next on my list, so I was off to Fort Bragg, North Carolina for training. My goal: A commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.

мокрый гашиш Four years at Valley Forge Military Academy had prepared me for just about anything, and I excelled – taking great pride – in my basic training. But one of the greatest lessons I learned in my ten weeks there came on my very last day. It is about rust, and it’s about you.

see url Before we could graduate, we had a final inspection to endure. It would be the toughest we’d had. Our beds were to be stripped, rifles cleaned and oiled, and our barracks absolutely spotless. But the greatest challenge for all of us that day was the removal of rust – every particle – from our folding shovels and many other pieces of equipment. It was an onerous task. Having only water and a cotton cloth to remove the oxidation, we were all stymied. Elbow grease and friction did nothing to remove the oxidation, and they were our only options. We were hot, frustrated, angry and anxious.


If I have any gift in this world, it’s in my ability to think outside the box. In this case, the answer really was outside the box – outside the barracks – and it was everywhere. What had served as a bane to our existence at Fort Bragg turned out to be our saving grace.

It was sand.

I went outside with my shovel, some water and my cloth. Dabbing the wet rag in the sand, I proceeded to remove all traces of rust from every implement in a matter of moments. I don’t wish to brag, but the idea caught on like wildfire. I was thrilled to watch it spread from person to person, from barracks to barracks and throughout the entire camp. One man saw a good idea and emulated it. Inspired, another copied him and in no time the idea had legs of its own. Nothing would stop it now.

Your corporate culture can change in the same way. The change may not move as quickly, but I guarantee you’ll see the results of your own big idea travel from person to person.

What one attribute would you want to change in your organization right now? How might you display that one positive attribute for all to observe? Be the example you want to set for your company. Make it obvious. Make it often. Find the one thing you can do right now and start doing it again and again. Without question you will see amazing results. But don’t brag.

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