Give Up or Get Up

DiscriminationThere are hundreds, perhaps thousands of reasons you may never succeed in the world of business. The odds are definitely against you. Here are a few reasons why:

You might fail because: You are not attractive. You are over 55 years of age. You are an Hispanic. You are a woman. You are a black male. You are too fat or too thin. The government has regulated your industry out of existence. You are “white privileged” or you are “white trash.” You are a veteran. You are gay or transgendered. You are a Christian. A Jew. A Muslim. You’re in a wheelchair. You are haunted by the “Old Boy’s’” network. Racism. Homophobia. Xenophobia. Christophobia. You are overqualified. You are underqualified. You don’t have a college education. You have tattoos. You have a criminal record.

It’s an impressive list of reasons for failure, but none of these reasons have anything to do with you. They really don’t. In fact, they’re not about you at all. They’re about someone else: Every single item on this exists because of a perspective someone else might have of you.

And they are probably wrong. You may have to deal with it, but it’s not who you are.

If you are to succeed, you must presume that being who you are is a very good thing. Of course there are people out there who – for whatever reason – will not like you. These people are roadblocks. Sure, you might think of them as bigots, haters or whatever you like, but a focus on name-calling and worrying about others’ perspectives of you will not help you succeed. This is a direct path to failure.

Let’s say that 80% of the world is against you. Who knows? Maybe it is! But what about the other 20%? Wouldn’t that 20% be your opportunity to succeed? I get it: Your path may be very challenging, but why butt heads with bigots? Look for the 20%. They’re out there. And guess what? Maybe that 20% already likes you.

You have two choices: You can give up, or you can get up. Give up because of discrimination, or get up and move forward in spite of it.

Your choice. Not theirs. Yours.

Difficult? Yep. Impossible? Nope. There are people just like you who have some incredible jobs. There are those who give their futures up to the broad brush of discrimination, but others create amazing futures in spite of it. So what if the statistics are against you? Are you the one person on the planet who can’t have a future because of a label? Didn’t think so.

Your future depends on how you use your power. Will you surrender to discrimination, or will you use your power to win in spite of it?

Give up or get up. No matter how challenging, this choice is always yours.

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