The Five Coins

go to link Five Coins of EngagementThere’s an amazing power dwelling within you I’ll bet you didn’t know you have. It’s the power to refabricate the world in which you live. Let me emphasize what this means. I’m saying that it’s within your power to redesign, rewrite, re-formulate, recompose and re-construct the very nature of this, your existence.

see You can have dominion over all you survey: Your life, your world, everything and everyone in it. This power is real, and it is yours.

click here And I’m not joking.

This is not some neo-spiritual geek-speak about manifesting a new universe. You don’t have to cover yourself with yogurt or meditate on sun spots. But there is one thing you must do in order to unleash your potentiality. Whether business owner or grocery bagger, this applies to you.

Oh, and it’s just super-dee-duper easy.

Here’s what you need to do: Each day, I want you to give away five “coins” to the people in your life. You must give away at least one of each, every day. You cannot skip weekends or holidays. Distribute these coins every day and the world will change for you in ways you can’t even imagine. Hand them out to whomever you like, but if you really want this to work, I have three important conditions for you to meet:

  1. Do not miss a day.
  2. Do not ask for anything in return.
  3. Be sincere in your giving.

What are these coins? Gratitude, Encouragement, Time, Empathy and Self-sacrifice. The more you give them away, the faster your world will be reformed to the image of your own design. What’s more, as you give away these coins, you’ll find the ideal world you imagined will morph into something even greater.

Here’s how to invest your coins:

  • enter Gratitude: Say, “Thank you.” Make eye contact. Express appreciation. Be specific. This is the easiest of the five.
  • go here Encouragement: Celebrate accomplishments. Praise. Acknowledge efforts.
  • Юрьев-Польский купить кокс Time: Be present. Sit down if possible. Ignore distractions. Don’t be rushed. The gift of five minutes of “quality time” is all it takes. More is better.
  • click here Empathy: Listen intently. “Play back” what you hear. Understand. Don’t wait to hear a sad story, just do a checkup. Ask about the ailing parent, the flat tire, how things are going for that friend who’s hurting. Even the little struggles are important.
  • Self-sacrifice: Go the extra mile. Do the hard thing. Say yes when you feel like saying no. Someone forgot to clean up the conference room? Do it for them. The opportunities are endless.

If you really want to see significant change in your world, it’s all on your shoulders. There is no secret formula, no magic and no homeopathic salve that will change it for you. Just reach in your pocket and pull out The Five Coins. Invest them in everyone you see, then sit back and see how the power of your giving creates for you a whole new world.

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