A Disturbance in the Farce

Not long ago at a business not so far away, Bart Raider, owner of Revel Alliance, LLC sat at his desk. Someone had stolen his business plans. “How can I move forward when the competition might know my every move?” he exclaimed. “Someone here… is a traitor!”

Bart considered each of his key managers, wondering who might have done such a thing. Was it his lazy son-in-law and Vice President Luke Watchwatcher?  Luke was always checking the office clock, waiting for quitting time. Perhaps it was that big guy in accounting, Lou Backa: He and his buddy Hank Solough often got into trouble together. Bart had a bad feeling about them.

It couldn’t have been O.B. Wankovi. He was a new hire who’d just given notice to his employer. Bart remembered the H.R. department telling him, “May the fourth, he’ll be with you.”

This left Bart Raider’s Sales Manager, Amy Dalla. Bart trusted Amy and asked her if Lou and Hank might have stolen the plans. She replied, “No, those aren’t the dudes you’re looking for.”

So who might have stolen the plans?

Bart decided to seek the wisdom of local business guru Dr. Yoga, and drove to his office. When Bart demanded to see Dr. Yoga immediately, the doctor’s secretary, Beth Starr, nearly exploded. She protested to the doctor, but he agreed to the consultation.

Bart Raider and Dr. Yoga met in conference room R2. Yoga listened intently to every word Bart spoke.

Hours later, Bart Raider sat in his office and invited Amy Dalla to have a seat.

“I just met with Dr. Yoga,” He explained.  “I must have blathered on for half an hour when he suddenly raised his hand to stop me. ‘Three words,’ he said. ‘Three words are what you need to solve your problem.’  Amy, I’m going to tell you the words he gave me, but I don’t understand them.

“They are: Trust the workforce.”

Amy thought for a moment before speaking. “I get it. I really think I get it! Yoga is telling you that the missing plans are only a symptom of a much larger problem. He’s advising that you don’t trust your own staff. You have low expectations of them and haven’t built positive relationships. They can feel it, Mr. Raider. You must trust your workforce.”

As Amy finished, Bart sat up in his chair. “You’re right, Amy! Beginning today, I’m going to schedule regular, personal time with my key players. We could enjoy lunch, golf, even do some problem-solving together. Building trust will revitalize this company. Thank you, Amy.”

As Amy rose to leave, she noted a mailing tube under Bart’s desk. “Are those your plans?” she asked. “They are,” Bart retorted. “But I don’t want them anymore. I hope to put this phantom menace of mistrust behind me. I’ll create new plans. I’ll try to build trust and engagement by recruiting the help of my staff.  Just wait, Amy, this day marks the return of Revel Alliance!”

“Do or do not,” said Amy. “There is no try.”

“Trust the workforce.”


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  1. Jannice Moore says:

    Very clever, Jeff! Happy New Year!

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