Your Cute, Deadly Future

вред от спидов go here The slow loris is just about as cute an animal as you ever will see. Even the name is cute! A small monkey, its soft brown hair and oversized eyes will make your knees weak and your heart throb. No. I mean that literally. The slow loris is a beautiful – but poisonous – primate whose deadly venom will make your knees weak and your heart throb in your chest.

Not so cute anymore, is it?

Like Miley Cyrus, sometimes cute can be dangerous.

The English language is full of cute and dangerous things. Here are a few examples you probably know by heart: “Follow your dreams.” “Live your passion.” “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Cute maxims like these make us feel good, but they’re not very helpful. In fact, they can be quite harmful.

This all seems antithetical, doesn’t it? Everyone knows if you do what you love, you’ll be a great success. But wait… don’t get too close! Remember, these phrases are dangerous. Let’s stand back and closely consider the venomous presumptions these soft and fuzzy adages make:

•  They presume you know what your love – or passion – is
•  They presume your passion is a path to a sustainable livelihood
•  They presume you are already very good at your passion, or
•  They presume that you are capable of becoming very good at it

Following your dreams isn’t good enough. Having a drive won’t put food on the table. Hard work does not guarantee you will love your work. And your ability to make a living at it is imperative.

So how does one solve the challenge raised by these cuddly phrases? The trouble isn’t that the phrases aren’t true; they are. But they are deceptively simple. They swell the emotions and diminish rational thought.

get link “Living your dream” happens. But it mostly happens for those who are already qualified to achieve their dream jobs in the first place. Most folks who “follow their passion” had met the above qualifications for success well before they even started the journey. Their strong, innate abilities were initially at high enough levels to make them unique, or at least uncommon.

For the rest of us who are susceptible to the poison, the antidote comes in the form of a question: “What would happen if I followed my passion and actually had to do it each and every day – with the ability to make a living at it?”

I am a strong advocate of people following their dreams, but I am also quick to make these recommendations:

•  Be realistic about your strengths and gifts
•  Seek advice from wise and experienced friends
•  Chart a logical course to financial self-sufficiency
•  Then let it all simmer for a while as your brain considers the options

Like the slow loris, these phrases are cute and cuddly. And now that you know how easily they can sink their venomous fangs into your skin, you will more reasonably consider their dangers. So go ahead… live your passions. But please, take my advice: Wear gloves!


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  1. Hank says:

    Bravo, Jeff, bravo multiple times.

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