Stage Fright

see url here Circumstances recently led me to enjoy dinner with famed actress and comedienne Carol Burnett. A focal point of our conversation was her idol and close friend actor Jimmy Stewart. One particularly interesting insight she gave me was one I’ll not forget. It affected me, dear reader, and I hope her insight will affect you, too.

go to link Jimmy Stewart made over 80 films in his lifetime. Given all of those films, how many different characters do you think he’s played? Whatever the answer, the number is certainly significant. So with respect to the length and breadth of his career, I asked Carol to tell me one of the things she admired most about Jimmy Stewart. She paused, and then looked me purposefully in the eye. She put her hand to her chest and fairly sighed as she spoke. There was something that shone through in every character he played, she said. That something was the core of who he was, the undeniable essence of the man that resonated through every role, with every audience.  In each part he played, one would always find the unwavering core of Jimmy Stewart.

Межгорье купить ускоритель This made sense: Some actors bury themselves deeply in a character in order to hide themselves within it. But Stewart could slip on a new character as comfortably as if it were a costume rental. We always saw Jimmy Stewart the man, playing a role. The role never overshadowed the man.

We business leaders have both an inner core and varying leadership roles we must play. Sometimes I play the “inspiring speaker” Jeffrey. At other times, my role is the antagonist, a catalyst who helps an entrepreneur solve his/her own challenges. I wear many costumes, but no matter the mode, it’s always a role, not a mask. I don’t ever want to hide from the world the person I am at my core. Sometimes leaders and managers hide their core out of fear of being discovered. They live lives of unendurable stress.

A lack of integrity generally brings feelings of guilt, of trying to cover up, a fear of being “found out” or not being accepted. This can be expressed in the forms of manipulation, lies, misdirection and blaming others. Very insecure people may be particularly vulnerable to this. So how can we be helpful?

follow People who lack integrity need to be loved for who they are, reminded about their gifts and affirmed in their value to others. You can be a part of their progress toward greater integrity. We can do this for ourselves, too, when we focus on our own value, reject negative self-assessments, and give the gift of giving to others.

People like Carol and Jimmy aren’t loved only for the characters they play: They are loved for who they are at their core. Whom do you see at your core? If you constantly hide that person with other characters, seek some help. Your life – and the lives of everyone around you – will change dramatically when the real you can step fearlessly onto that stage…

…and receive – at your core – the applause you‘ve earned.


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