Good God!

Rational atheists pride themselves on rational thought; there is no scientific proof of God’s existence. But when it comes to studying the effects of believing in God, they’ve got some real thinking to do. Science hasn’t proven the existence of God, but it shows conclusively that you’re much better off if you are a believer. In fact, in the next few moments, non-believers may find themselves praying for a change of heart. Whatever your beliefs, I can assure they will play a pivotal role in your life and your business.

It’s not the science of God that’s important; it’s the science of belief.

Ask writer and researcher Tom Knox. His research may well have moved him from atheist to believer. Mr. Knox published his summary of myriad scientific studies on the subject in the U.K’s The Daily Mail. And a recent Gallup study of nearly 700,000 people confirms his findings.

It is a matter of scientific proof, not postulation, that belief in God makes people happier, healthier, and more charitable. It gives them higher self-esteem, lower blood pressure and a reduced likelihood to smoke, drink or do drugs. People who believe in God are less depressed and recover from depression 70% faster than their non-believing counterparts. Their immune systems are stronger. They have better emotional and mental health. They have stronger marriages. And if all of that’s not enough, try this one on for size: Believers live an average of seven years longer than non-believers. Oh… my… God!

For all of the negative attention given to religious believers, the benefits of belief in God are nothing less than, well, miraculous.

So how does all of this talk of religion intersect with your work life? You may be a manager, an entrepreneur, or a line employee. You may own a large corporation or have a new job in the mailroom. No matter your station, health and wellbeing are critical to you and everyone around you.

Yes, you can talk about your faith in the workplace. Yes, you can engage in religious discussion. Far from creating a crucible of divisive rhetoric among people of differing beliefs, belief in God has common benefits that should bring us together. In a manner of speaking, it’s a matter of fact, not friction.

Does any of this science serve as proof of God? Nope. Not a smidgen. But what science does prove is that a belief in God is anything but irrational. In fact, to believe in God may be the most important decision of – and for – your life. By no means do I think your belief should come as an act of intellect alone. But those who have discovered faith in God are significantly better off than those who do not.

Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist or Hindu, we’re all better off for our belief. It’s what we have in common.  And that’s about as rational an argument for belief in God one will ever find.


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