Your Tsunami is Coming

No doubt you’ve seen videos of the horrific devastation created by a tsunami. Like a great and menacing hand rising from the ocean, a tsunami smashes everything within its reach and rakes it back out to sea.

Homes, hospitals, people: The tsunami has no mercy, no compassion.

Imagine your business, located near the beach in a tropical paradise. Aside from an occasional “storm,” your business has enjoyed relative financial tranquility. But suddenly under sunny skies comes a warning: A tsunami from across the Pacific is headed your way. You have 40 minutes to get out.

You jump to your feet and make sure the employees are on their way to safety. Herding the last of them out the door, you turn back into the silent building.  Everything you see will be laid waste within the hour.

But wait. Perhaps not all is lost. It’s true that you will lose the building, the computers, the machinery and your entire infrastructure. Nevertheless, you take a few moments to grab what you can. You ask yourself, “What can I take that will have the have the greatest impact on rebuilding this business? What will help me the most when I start over?”

The customer database. The list of vendors and partners. Financials. Current project files. You grab them and run to safety.

The tsunami is devastating. But for the few things you’ve rescued, the entire business is washed out to sea. The hole in your heart is as big as the foundation where the business once stood, and you lament the loss. To make things worse, you’ll have to rebuild.

Suddenly you come to a realization that lifts your spirits. Like a blast of cool winter air, a new and thrilling awareness strikes you: You won’t rebuild after all. Rebuilding would be crazy. You have a much better idea.

But first, I’d like you to imagine starting your own business from scratch. There’s a tsunami coming, and this article is your 40-minute warning.  Your tsunami might be an aggressive competitor or an economic turn-down. It could be someone entering your market with a new and better product. Your tsunami is coming, and you need to prepare for the inevitable.

You can always rebuild. But before you do, stop to wonder, “I can grab my customer database. I have some current projects to get me going. I even have cash flow. Why drag back all of the old technology and infrastructure? Why not rethink, retool, or even re-brand? I don’t want to rebuild. I want to re-invent!”

The metaphor of the tsunami will help you to free your mind from your own history. No longer are you limited to the current walls that surround you. Make your plan today. Move to safety before your tsunami washes it all away. Take with you only the most important seeds from which you will grow your business anew.

If you plan now you won’t have make these decisions under duress. At this moment, you have choices you may not have after the tsunami. Don’t wait for fate to wash them all away.

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