I Have a Dream: About You

On this, the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, I’m not interested in what he had to say.  Oh, his words were powerful, and his oratory, brilliant. But that’s not what piqued my interest today. It’s not about the speech he gave. I’m fascinated by what made it so compelling, so universal, so resonant. And it wasn’t his words. It was something else.

Dr. King’s speech wasn’t important because he choose to educate, motivate, inspire or call us to action. The speech wasn’t powerful because of what he said or even how he said it. It was powerful because of one thing:  This was a speech about his beliefs.

Speeches may change our thoughts, but beliefs change us to the core. And that’s what Martin proffered: his belief about how things should be. It was his gift to us.

And the world was changed.

After some reflection, I began to consider my own beliefs about my friends, clients and followers. But with respect to what I want to tell you today, there are a few beliefs I’d like to pass along. They won’t change the world, but it is my hope they will change you. This is my dream, core to my purpose, and it’s all about you.

  • I don’t care who you are, where you come from or your circumstances;  your life is of great consequence
  • There are more possibilities in you than you could ever imagine
  • You are imbued with something unique and invaluable – which you must share
  • The greatest satisfactions in life will come from your investment in others
  • The key that will unlock your future is self-knowledge
  • Your future is more a matter of your attitude than it is of your circumstance
  • Great strength is found in knowing  – and embracing – your weaknesses
  • Life’s greatest question will always and only be, “What did I do with it?”
  • Success feeds on your desire. Desire feeds on your success
  • Doing is more important than doing perfectly
  • Mistakes are the pathways to your success
  • You are just the beginning of who you can become

I have no interest in emulating Dr. King. But if there is one thing his story teaches us, it is the power of beliefs. I have beliefs in you, but you must have them for yourself. What do you believe… about you?

If you want something to change, you’ve got to change something. What will do, with who you are, that no one else can do?

You can start by dreaming.


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