How to Become Fillfulled

follow url Are you fillfulled? (That’s not a typo, and it’s a real question.) Are you fillfulled?

Some companies are attractive to their employees because the company statement of purpose resonates with them. For example: 3M doesn’t just make Post-it Notes, they strive to improve “every company, every home, every life.” Does that sound like it might be a good match for you?

Perhaps you’d be attracted to a company like Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab isn’t just a brokerage house, it is driven to be “a relentless ally for the individual investor.”

A clear purpose.

Compelling, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could state your own purpose as clearly? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could work at a place where your own purpose matches those of the organization? That would be tremendously fulfilling.

The use of the word, “fulfilled” has lost some of its impact over the years. Today, I’d like to reemphasize its original meaning and substitute the rather silly word, “fillfulled,” as in “When I finish my work day I am filled to the fullest with personal satisfaction.” Fillfulled! Fillfulled is being filled to the fullest with a satisfaction of having accomplished something of real, personal value.

Does your work leave you fillfulled at the end of the day? If not, then one or more of the following are likely suspects:

  • the organization for which you work offers little or nothing that ultimately serves the betterment of others
  • you do not resonate with the purpose of the organization, or
  • you have no idea of what will make you feel fillfulled

Like most people, perhaps you’ve not yet stated clearly your own purpose and have no idea what purpose you wish to serve.

If so, here’s a thought that will help you. Don’t worry about discovering your purpose: Try instead to identify a purpose you’d like to serve. Сериал Наша Russia 5 сезон смотреть онлайн Ask yourself, “At the end of my life, what would I like to have accomplished that has served others more than it has served me?”

The idea is to spend some quiet time thinking of ways in which you can make a difference in the people and world around you. Make a list of your gifts, your talents and types of work you really enjoy doing. The closer the purposes of your employment match the items on that list, the more fillfulled you will be.

People who discover how they can make a positive difference in this world — and have found employment that helps them do so — are among the happiest people you’ll ever know. (Please read that sentence again, slowly.)

And you can be one of them.

What purposes do you wish to serve? Where might you best employ your gifts to serve those purposes? In these two questions are the answers to how you can have a work life that leaves you being fillfulled.

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