Make Your Instincts Extinct

get link Купить Кокаин Красный Холм The “reptilian brain” is the part of your brain in which are located instinctual behaviors such as dominance, aggression and territoriality. It’s time you threw it out. Well, at least a part of it. Okay, just the part with the teeth.

In one sense it’s the “all about me” region, the deep-down foundational level of self-preservation. I’m going to ask you to throw away those millions of years of instinct. Instead, I want you to think about “them,” the others in your organization. I want you to think about serving them.

Strangely, this idea is where you will find the secret to your own success. As you will see, your future success — and your ultimate purpose — is really all about “them.”

My personal need to serve others is great. If I had unlimited resources, it would be quite easy for me to think almost solely about the needs of others in my life. Unfortunately, I don’t have unlimited resources. And if one should have very limited resources, Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy could have his way with us; self-preservation looms larger and larger as resources diminish. But so much for Maslow right now, because in business, his theory can be fatal. Sorry, Abe.

Some of the most important figures in the history of the world had very little, needed nothing, yet gave of themselves wholly.  It wasn’t about them. Mother Teresa, Mohandas Gandhi and Jesus the Christ are a few. These, and thousands of other servants who have changed our world, often came from nothing, or gave it all up. Yet they are some of the most admired and inspiring among us. They achieved the highest levels of success — just as you can — if you apply their little secret: “It’s not about me; it’s all about them.”

Is it hard to eradicate the reptilian in your own workplace? Not really. Here are some starters for you:

  • It’s not about you getting something done. It’s about helping them get things done
  • It’s not about you hitting your numbers. It’s about helping them to hit theirs
  • It’s not about your knowledge. It’s about helping them to learn
  • It’s not about you achieving success. It’s about helping them to find it

When we’re stuck in our own little reptilian “me” worlds, we create organizations of task-doers. We think of employees as little more than automatons which do – or do not do – tasks. These automatons operate to serve “my” needs.

That’s reptilian. It’s anathema to progress. Especially yours.

follow link The simple means by which you can effect positive change is to make it about them. And when it’s all about them, you can inspire, create change, develop employee engagement, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Even your breath will be better. (This is actually true. It’s just a little-known law of Jungian Bacteriological Physics.)

Make your instincts extinct. Make it about them. It’s the key to your own evolution.


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2 Responses to Make Your Instincts Extinct

  1. Maria Greco Danaher says:

    What a great point, Jeffrey. Jack Welsh says that “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Real leaders don’t spend time looking for the accolades – they spend time moving things forward. One of my Dad’s favorite quotes is Ralph Nader’s line that “the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” The best way to do that is to assume that everyone has the vision and the capacity to learn and to lead. The challenge is helping them to get there. No one can do all of this alone.

    Thanks for the continuing motivation and good thoughts!

  2. Jeffrey Tobin says:

    Because I enjoy being a contrarian, I’d love to have a discussion with Jack Welch about his quote. The best form of learning is to teach. Even early in one’s career, one can be helpful to others by discovering their needs, finding solutions and passing them along. I suspect he’d agree with me about that.

    Especially if I paid for lunch.

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