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Your Business is a Dog Your business is a dog. And if you don’t think so, well perhaps it should be. That’s because when a business is a dog, it’s a better place to work. There are fewer clashes among employees. Employees are engaged and … Continue reading Чегем купить Снег

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The Sad Truth About Happiness

Купить закладки лирика в Шилке Happiness. Everyone, including me, wants happiness. Once our basic needs for nourishment, shelter and clothing are met, happiness is the next natural desire. But now I’m not so sure that happiness is the right goal. And in the next few … Continue reading
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Make Your Instincts Extinct

go site The “reptilian brain” is the part of your brain in which are located instinctual behaviors such as dominance, aggression and territoriality. It’s time you threw it out. Well, at least a part of it. Okay, just the part with the … Continue reading
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