Are You Going to Waste? You need an assistant. Yes, you need an assistant and I can prove it. Even better, I’ll help you to convince the boss you need one, too. Sound good? Okay, let’s get started.

One of my Six Powers of Purpose™ is what I call The Power of Capacity. Capacity identifies not only the capacity of individuals to grow, become more engaged and more productive, but also how it affects the growth of the entire organization.

So how do we start? We start with you.

First, lets show you and your boss just how much time you waste every day. Trust me on this; just go through this simple exercise. Step 1: Determine your hourly wage. Let’s say you earn $60,000 a year. To determine the hourly wage, simply take the “thousands” number — in our case, the 60 — and divide by two. We get $30 per hour. That’s all there is to it. This is an hourly wage for someone who earns $60,000 and works 50 weeks out of the year. It does not include benefits, but that’s fine for this calculation.

see Step 2: Determine how you spend your time. Get out a tablet and write down the things you do every day. Include everything: Answer phones, make sales appointments, do research, file, meet with clients, develop marketing strategies, create memos, write, drive to pick up a toner cartridge, meet with the boss, and so on. To jog your brain further, do the same thing for weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly events. Write down everything that takes up your time. This is important.

Step 3: “ABC” each of the items. “A” is for things only YOU can do, are uniquely qualified for, or signify the most productive use of your time. This should be a very short list. “B” is for items someone else might do to allow you to spend more time doing your “A” items. Finally, “C” items are time wasters.

Step 4: Assign hourly values. Other than the “A” items, how much would the market pay for someone to do each item on your list? Minimum wage? $10 per hour? $15? $20?

You see, if the best use of your time is doing “A” activities and you’re spending valuable time on things that would pay less than your hourly rate ($30 in this case), then the organization is wasting a valuable resource… YOU!

If the company were to pay someone, say, $12 an hour to do your “B” activities, you are freed up to focus on your “A” activities.

There…productivity has just increased by $18 per hour.

Show your boss that you are going to waste, then show how you can double your productivity. That’s you, times two! Show him/her this solution; maybe you’ll end up with the help you need to push your productivity through the roof.

This is another way in which purposeful action will help you achieve your own individual purposes more quickly and effectively.

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