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go to link go site Huh. Here’s an interesting bit of trivia I came across yesterday: One of the wealthiest people on the planet today would often throw up whenever he had to speak in front of people. Who was it? Warren Buffett. Can you believe it? It’s true. And you know what changed his life? Dale Carnegie. Yep. In fact, the only diploma he has hanging on his office wall is that of the Dale Carnegie course. That’s how important it was to him. Also true.

I discovered this while in the midst of my continuing study of employee engagement and its importance in organizational profitability. I’ve come to believe employee engagement is the key factor in transformational growth.

The Dale Carnegie company recently published some of its findings on this topic.  They discovered the three top drivers for employee engagement were:

  1. Relationship with immediate supervisors
  2. Belief in senior leadership
  3. Pride in working for their company

It’s particularly interesting to note also that the higher up the organizational chain one goes, the higher the level of employee engagement. The converse is also true, sadly. This is fascinating. And I believe there is a remedy.

I couldn’t help but perceive the common denominator throughout the study to be relationship. This is my own perspective, not theirs, necessarily. But think about this for a moment: What might be some contributing factors — more common among senior management than they are among most others in an organization — that result in significantly higher engagement?

  • They are empowered
  • They are closely connected with each other
  • Their attention is focused on the organization’s mission

These are natural results of their particular positions, resulting in highly engaged employees. But how does one spread these factors throughout the whole organization?

The lesson:

http://stufflac.ru/zhlobin-kupit-sneg.html Employee engagement comes as a result of relationships with each other, plus enthusiasm for a common and singular mission.

These needn’t be confined to upper management! If this basis for employee engagement works at the top, then it could work throughout the organization. And it would…if we were to create fertile ground for them.

When we choose to empower employees, relate to them personally (including their personal lives,) and continually focus their minds on the importance of their roles in the corporate mission, we build relationship on numerous levels. They help to build relationships among the employees, as well as to the corporate mission.

Warren Buffet’s life was changed dramatically by The Dale Carnegie course. Now, and in a different way, Dale Carnegie research can change yours as well. Empower, relate more personally, and drive home the importance of each employee’s actions to the achievement of the common mission.

These are very easy steps to take, and you can take them. Make one change. Do it often. Enjoy the results. Warren Buffett did it. You can, too.

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