Is Your Dream Worth Dreaming?

enter So how’s that big dream of yours working out for you? Is it coming true? Are you making headway? I truly hope so. But if not… here’s a solution.

follow link I remember many years of being asked to identify my “big dream.” Many coaches, speakers and books touted the importance of having big dreams. They told me I could make anything come true. Just dream the dream, believe it, and post pictures of your dreams on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror and in your car. “Think on these things and they will eventually come true,” they said.

follow Hogwash. (I’m just typing the word, “hogwash” here, but it’s only a synonym for the other,  much less appropriate words I’m really thinking about. You can fill in your own here”: _________.)

Купить закладки героин в Красноуфимске (My, I wouldn’t have used THAT word!)

Oh, I’m sure there are some for whom this visualizing technique works, but in my opinion it is frequently a path to empty successes. Boats. Cars. Huge homes and beaches. These are often touted as the very image of success, but I’m betting you won’t really feel successful when you get there.

These dreams aren’t the dreams of legends.

Legends have different kind of dreams. I refer to legends like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatmas Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Jesus the Christ, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Clara Barton. They didn’t post pictures of “success” on their refrigerator. Their legendary successes didn’t come as a result of dreaming about material things. Not at all. These legendary people dreamt of how things should be.

Perhaps the most memorable and powerful words spoken by any contemporary leader were those of Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have a dream,” he said. Like every other person listed above, he dreamt of how things should be.

These leaders, these legends, dreamt of how things should be.

And people followed.

Dreams of how things should be are the most powerful dreams of all. Each of these people changed the world by dreaming – and telling others – of how things should be.

Do you want to achieve real success? Do you want to leave your mark on this planet? Ask yourself what you believe. Write a manifesto. Clarify your dream about how things should be. Then tell people about your dream. Tell them the whys and wherefores, the benefits and the beauty.

And they will follow.

And don’t make your dream only about yourself. Make it about everyone. What is it about how things should be that drives you forward? What is it about your organization that speaks to a big dream of how things should be?

Then ask yourself how much could be achieved with a company of followers, not a company of employees.

You can build a following that makes a difference, that leaves a mark on this planet. Nothing is stopping you but your belief in yourself.

What is it you believe about how things should be?

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