2013: New Year’s Fears

http://www.soundliaison.com/waking/geroin-v-berezovskom.html http://progsslow.ru/bodrum-kupit-uskoritel.html Once again, another year has gone by. So how are you feeling about your 2012? And how about your 2013? New Years resolutions abound at this time of year.

http://telegra.ph/Kupit-zakladki-skorost-v-Suzdale-04-08 We make resolutions about things with which we have some control: our weight, work, relationships, projects… they’re all resolutions we hope will affect our world in positive ways.

But that’s not where our stress comes from. Stress comes from things which are outside of our control. When we dote on, but can’t predict the future, great stress is often the result. So, can we make resolutions that put them under our control? Can we affect the inaffectible? In a sense, yes.

We can affect them by ignoring them. Then, we can apply all of the energy we saved on the things that are in our control. To make a huge leap forward in 2013, identify what you can do and what you can’t. Then, work with a singular intent to make significant change in a limited list of actions you can take. You can do it. It’s easy.

Follow my simple model:
On one sheet of paper, take three minutes to write down everything in your life that is giving you stress. It doesn’t matter whether it’s business, health, your faith or family. Write down anything that keeps you up at night. Write down anything that makes you angry. Write down categories like the stock market, issues with the kids, a date that went bad, even the ugly old tile in your bathroom. Write it all down and get it all on paper. Don’t worry about running out of time. You’ll get the most important things on paper early on in the process.

Now look at your list. Study it hard, then grab a big fat black Sharpie or blood-red pen and scratch a line through anything on that list over which you have little or no control. Smile when you do it. These are the things you won’t spend time worrying about any more.

Finally, grab a clean sheet of paper and copy down anything that is left from the original sheet. These are the things over which you have some real control. Prioritize them: Mark with an “A” the very few things that give you the greatest concern. Mark a “B” for the next, larger group, and “C” for the rest.

That’s it. Simply write, remove, then rate. Once you’ve done this easy exercise, you are ready to take on 2013. Throw away the first sheet; that was last year’s thinking. Now use all of that old, wasted energy and apply it to the things you can control – the things on your new list.

Your great new year is less about resolutions than it is about focus. Control what you can. Choose a few items and target your intents on them alone. You’ll find less stress and more productivity with each passing day. Oh, and you’ve got 365 of them.

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  1. Joe Schwartz says:

    Clarity and focus brings about results. Being clear about what you want rather than what you wish to avoid is paramount. Focusing on what you desire is the next step. Example: Do you want to be healthy or just not sick?

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