Why You Need to Quit Your Job

Закладки метадон в Севастопольоспаривается http://bmsgsc.edu.bd/contain/331.html You need to quit your job. I mean it. Unless you meet the fundamental qualifications I’ve listed below, you need to move on. And in the next few moments, I’ll tell you how you can know whether or not it’s really time for you to boogie on down the occupational highway.

Аксай купить иней Let’s take a look at your progress. I don’t mean financial progress or even progress toward retirement, I mean progress toward you — your future you.

Ten years ago, it was ten years ago. (Surprise!) Have you made significant progress toward your ultimate goals since then? For your sake, I do hope so. I really do.

A key to progress is your engagement in your work. Most of the workforce in the Western world is either totally disengaged — or mostly disconnected — from their work. With percentages in the high 60’s in most studies, that’s enough employee disenchantment to fill the gap between politicians and their promises. If you aren’t engaged, your progress will suffer greatly.

Earlier, I told you I’d provide some fundamental qualifications to help you know whether or not it’s time to move on.

I lied.

Actually, YOU’RE going to do it. You’re going to provide the qualifiers that are important to you. I love my work, but I’m no mind reader.

(As far as you know.)

Okay, so pull out a sheet of paper. Draw two lines from top to bottom that divide the sheet into three equal columns. Title the left column, “Goals/Joy.” Call the middle column, “Enhancers.” Title the right column, “Detractors.”

In the left column, write down anything that comes to mind if I were to ask you to list some of your most important long-term goals and joys. Trigger your thoughts by thinking of mental, emotional, financial, spiritual and physical goals. Make sure you include “great relationships” on this list. Write down your goals and what you really enjoy doing when you have the time and resources.

In the second column, write anything about your job that supports these goals. Consider salary, healthcare, flex time, or a kindly supervisor. Include things you like doing in your work. Consider activities you do every day that support your Goals/Joys.

In the third column, list everything that works against you. Consider your schedule, the boss, lack of use of your gifts, and occupational pressure among any others. Include things  you dislike doing, too. List any and all things that impede progress toward your goals or your joy.

Once done, sit back and have a look at it all. You may not need to review much at this point because you can probably feel the results: Either the job is really helping you or it’s not. It’s that simple. It’s intuitive.

I simply want you to consider your work, and whether or not it directly supports your future.

After all, you are your own responsibility.


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3 Responses to Why You Need to Quit Your Job

  1. Shanna says:

    This is amazing. I’m going to encourage my employees to do this!

  2. Joe Schwartz says:

    Having a job versus enjoying a career is a choice. It isn’t the job or the career that defines this. It is the individual and how they embrace their work or contribution to human kind. Being a physician or a teacher is a career to many but for some in those fields they treat it like a job and grind away at it waiting for vacations and time off to get away from it. Many with “jobs” like window replacement, masonry, carpentry, Xray Technologists etc treat their jobs with love and passion thus making a career out of them. The difference lies in loving what you do. It takes discipline to love what you do and that might just be the hitch. Many lack the discipline to do this. Self discipline does not mean those who exhibit it are deprived in some way. It is just the contrary. They are blessed and gifted with the reward of being so.

  3. Jeffrey Tobin says:

    Very courageous, Shanna. It shows that you really want people to be working in the right places for their own sakes. Good for you! Great for them!

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