Your Not-So-Grand Canyon

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Купить LSD Кодинск enter As long as 70 million years ago, what we now call the mighty Colorado River began as a tiny stream. Over millennia of shifting earth and eroding soil, this stream grew to become the mighty river we know today. With every drip and rushing wave, it created a chasm that’s as deep as 6000 feet and as wide as 18 miles.

And that’s why you’re having so much trouble.

I’ll explain.

Think about how much time, effort and resources it would take to halt the flow of The Colorado River. Now imagine doing it by yourself. It would be an impossible task. Nearly. Nearly, that is, until you learn an easy way to do it.

I’m speaking metaphorically about your bad habit. It’s the bad habit that many call “emotional baggage.” Emotional baggage is the Grand Canyon of the path to your future self. 6000 feet deep and 18 miles across, it’s virtually impossible to circumnavigate. Emotional baggage is your own “head stuff” that gets in the way. It’s how you see yourself, your past and your future. It’s the, “I’m not good at….” and “I wish I were more….” and “I really don’t deserve….” It’s the, “They won’t like me because.…” and “I’m not qualified to…”

This emotional baggage has washed away the soil of your abilities. It stunts leadership. It ruins relationships and keeps you from being the whole person you are. It has created a deep chasm over the years, and you can’t stop it.

But there is something you can do to tame this raging river:  Stop feeding it.

The Colorado River is really nothing more than the culmination of the many smaller tributaries which feed it. Reroute the tributaries and starve the river. Direct the streams to wind their way around the canyon. That’s how you can control this angry river. Starve it to death.

Your first mission is to raise your awareness and map out your own canyon. When does your negative self-talk arise? What are the triggers? Does it happen at a particular time of day or night, in the presence of a particular person or a particular activity? Pay attention to your negative self-talk. Write it down. Map it out.

Once aware of your triggers, stare them down and change their course. “Hey, wait a minute here, I’m not THAT bad at….” or “People DO tell me that I’m good at….” or “Seriously, I’ve had success before when I….”  Interrupt the flow and send it elsewhere. Replace your negative thoughts with positive messages.

1)      Raise your awareness
2)      Stop the negative thoughts
3)      Divert your mind with positive affirmations

So how do you stop the mighty Colorado River? Easy. Starve it to death. Divert its tributaries. Guide the new, positive flows to create their own paths and form new gorges. The Grand Canyon took eons to grow, but you can starve it and divert all of its power to the positives in your life, starting right now.

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